Hi, I´m Miguel. Since 2016 I run LOSH Studio.

Targeted Clients: F&B, Real Estate, Investment, Certification, IT Software, Law Firms and Architecture studios.

Client´s Locations: Portugal, Brazil, Switzerland and East-Timor

Services: Corporate Identity, communication strategy, creative concepts, packaging and visual communication.

Method: by project, fee per month and short-term position.

Suppliers: designers, creatives, illustrators, photographers, film directors, developers, printing producers, social media/ web marketing specialists and architects.


I started as a trainee in a design studio (2 riscos), passed by advertising agencies as an art-director (Bates Portugal) to learn with the best, went to New Zealand for Generator-Bates, worked in Multimedia, made a round world trip to gather the will to found my own studio with 2 skilled partners and accomplish a great personal achievement: "Stamina, the business fuel".

10 years as Creative Director learning how to manage a company and work with designers, illustrators, architects, photographers and printing producers and of course, the clients.

Luckily we´re living a new technology era, where communication professionals can experience the whole world while providing to clients a priceless added-value due to this wide world living that have never been so accessible as nowadays.

Let´s work: miguel.losh.mail@gmail.com